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PLEA’s Family Law Handbook has comprehensive information about family law. As with all of PLEA’s resources, it can be ordered free-of-charge from

PLEA’s Family Law Saskatchewan site is designed to help individuals in Saskatchewan who are facing separation and divorce without a lawyer. Individuals who have a lawyer may also find the information helpful. There is a free Agreement Maker that individuals can use to help them resolve their family issues by agreement. If the matter must go to court, the free Form Wizard will determine the required court forms and produce ready-to-file court forms using a plain language question and answer format. Email support is available for both the Agreement Maker and the Form Wizard.

Other Organisations

Family Law Information Centre - Ministry of Justice Saskatchewan
Provides legal information in the area of family law regardless of income at no cost and self-help kits for a number of family law court applications.

Phone: 306-787-5837

Family Matters: Assisting Families through Separation and Divorce

Provides information and resources to deal with a changing family situation and assistance to resolve urgent and outstanding issues.
Toll-free: 1-844-863-3408

Legal Aid Saskatchewan

Provides legal services to eligible individuals for family law matters including parenting, child and spousal support, separation and divorce.

Phone: 1-800-667-3764

Maintenance Enforcement Office
Provides services to individuals paying or receiving child support to simplify the process and use enforcement measures when necessary.

Phone: 306-787-8961 (Regina)
Toll-free: 1-866-229-9712

Parenting after Separation and Divorce Program

In any family law proceeding (except for inter-jurisdictional support orders) in which parenting or child support is an issue, the parents must take part in the Parenting after Separation and Divorce program.

Toll-free: 1-888-218-2822 (Regina Unit)
Toll-free: 1-877-964-5501 (Saskatoon Unit)

Parenting, Family Law – Department of Justice Canada
Provides information on parenting after separation and divorce, including a parenting guide, an online calendar to help children keep track of special events in their lives, including times they are supposed to be with each parent, and resources written for children.


Supervised Parenting Time/Exchange Program
The Supervised Parenting Time/Exchange Program is a service facilitated by social workers and trained observers. They provide the services necessary to ensure that children can have parenting time in a safe setting.

Phone: 306-787- 8961

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