The Great Election in Missinaba County

The Great Election in Missinaba County

Voters are heading to the polls to select Canada's 44th Parliament. So how do elections unfold in Canada?

PLEA helps you consider this question with the help of Stephen Leacock's classic, good-natured collection of intertwined short stories, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town.

In Sunshine Sketches, a local saloon-keeper secures a party nomination. An outrageous election campaign ensues, in what historian Jack Granatstein has called “the definitive analysis”  of Canada’s 1911 federal election.

Leacock's fictional election remains incredibly relevant, and PLEA's supporting learning resources are ideal for ELA A30, History 30, and Social Studies 30.

  • Follow this link for the Sunshine Sketches ebook.
  • Follow this link for PLEA's overview of Sunshine Sketches.
  • Follow these links for our reading questions and in-depth backgrounders on chapters Ten and Eleven of Sunshine Sketches that tell the story of Missinaba County's Great Election.

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