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PLEA’s Law 30 Resource Portal ▸

PLEA's Law 30 Resource Portal is an ongoing project to link outcomes and indicators of Saskatchewan's new Law 30 curriculum to available PLEA resources.

Subject Law
Grades 12
Contract and Consumer Law ▸

Contract and Consumer Law builds skills for students to navigate everyday consumer transactions.

Subject Law
Grades 12
Shipwrecked ▸

How would you govern a new society? Shipwrecked examines six shipwrecks across history, to consider how societies can successfully rule themselves.

From Dream to Reality: The Story of Treaty Land Entitlement ▸

Land for the exclusive use of First Nations was promised when the Treaties were first entered into, yet fulfilling this debt has only recently been addressed head-on. From Dream to Reality explores Treaty Land Entitlement.

Grades 12
Topics Treaties

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