The PLEA: Canada's Legal System: An Introduction

The PLEA: Canada's Legal System: An Introduction

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The justice system is complex. This resource only provides a brief introduction. Fortunately, there are many places to go for more information, and for help with specific issues.

Legal Information

Information on the law can be very helpful for understanding legal issues and legal rights. PLEA provides a great deal of information on a wide range of law-related topics. All information is free. Check it out at

Family Law Saskatchewan

People facing family law issues such as separation and divorce may need specific information on the law. PLEA’s new Family Law website can offer help. Check it out at

Legal Services in Saskatchewan

Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan keeps a comprehensive list of where to find information and legal assistance in Saskatchewan. This list includes all the free services available.
Check it out at

Information For New Immigrants

The Government of Canada has a website to help people new to Canada learn about citizenship and how to live in Canada. Check it out at

PLEA thanks the Justice Education Society of British Columbia for permission to adapt some material from for this resource.

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