The PLEA: Crosswalk Cred

The PLEA: Crosswalk Cred

Sources and Resources

This issue of The PLEA has only taken the first few steps in considering how the law applies to pedestrians. From the impacts that labour laws and trade laws have on the shoes we wear to building codes regulating the spaces we walk in and on, there are countless ways the law applies to pedestrians.

Below are just a few resources for further examining pedestrian issues. Check them out!

Canada Walks

Canada Walks has a mission to make walkable communities the cultural and social norm in Canada. Along with the wealth of information about ways to make communities more walkable, Canada Walks’ website has a diverse resources, tools, and links section for pedestrian-related resources.

SGI’s Traffic Safety Video Resource Catalogue

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has a diverse library of video resources available for loan. Many of these videos examine issues of pedestrian and personal safety.

International Walk to School Month

International Walk to School Month is a global event for school communities to learn about the many benefits of walking. Their website contains information on getting your school involved, along with other valuable resources.

Safety Effects of Marked Versus Unmarked Crosswalks at Uncontrolled Locations

This 2005 report from the United States Department of Transportation revealed many characteristics of crosswalks, and recommended ways to make them safer.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

This American-based website offers information about pedestrian and bicycle-related issues.

SGI’s Traffic Accident Facts Reports

Every year, SGI compiles and reports statistics on motor vehicle collisions in Saskatchewan. These comprehensive reports are available at no charge.

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