Teaching Youth Justice

Lesson 3.8: Conferences under the YCJA

The purpose of this closing activity is to provide students with an opportunity to review their lessons and apply their knowledge of the principles of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. This lesson introduces the concept of conferences and helps students gain an understanding of the role that individuals in the community can play.

1. Ask students to consider reasons why the input of people in the community is important to the administration of justice for youth.

2. Distribute Conferences under the YCJA to read as a group, then lead class in completion of corresponding questions.

3. If time permits, teachers may wish to break students into small groups, use a fact set from any Case Study in this resource, and create their own mock conference. Students should:

  • review applicable material from case study or scenario
  • discuss the purpose of the conference
  • consider which individuals should be invited to this conference
  • create a goal for what the conference hopes to accomplish

With this information established, students can take on roles and engage in mock conference.

Conferences Under the YCJA