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Lesson 3.5: Local Candidates

Because we elect a local representative in every constituency in the province, students will learn about the candidates vying for election in their constituency.

1. Write the name of the premier or leader of the opposition on the board. Ask students to raise their hands if they know who that person is. Next, write the name of the local MLA on the board, and have students raise hands if they know who that person is. Use this informal survey to discuss how local MLAs are often lesser-known than their political leaders.

2. Assign Local Candidates Research Guide. Methods of completion could include breaking students into groups to create presentations/bulletin boards/reports on a particular local candidate.

3. Some questions in the Local Candidates Research Guide could be better-answered by candidates in person. Thus, teachers may wish to organise an all-candidates forum in their school, or a class trip to such a forum. This will help students and the community learn more about local candidates.

4. Once students have fully considered all the candidates in the constituency, lead class discussion of the following question:
• Which candidate would make the best local MLA?

Local Candidates Research Guide