PLEA’s Law 30 Resource Portal


Investigate contemporary legal issues that affect Canadians.

Indicators for this outcome

(a) Examine challenges related to access to justice and identify programs (e.g., legal aid) designated to help remedy the issue.

The Shift Project: Workplace Sexual Harassment
The Listen Project: Legal Information and Advice for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Famli: Family Law Saskatchewan

(b) Discuss the implications of federal policy on the provinces and issues surrounding competing provincial interests in federalism.

(c) Analyze international legal issues that affect or have affected Canada including participation in various United Nations conventions.

The PLEA: 70 Years of The Bomb (LT2-d)

(d) Describe the legal implications of various international and domestic political events, humanitarian crises and environmental issues.

The PLEA: 70 Years of The Bomb (LT2-c)

(e) Examine programs available to help people come to Canada such as travel, study, work and immigration (e.g., citizenship, permanent resident, refugee protection).

Newli: Legal Information for Newcomers

(f) Hypothesize how the legal recognition of Indigenous sovereignty might impact the relationship of Indigenous peoples with the Canadian government.

Indigenous People and the Right to Vote from Lesson 1 of Democracy and the Rule of Law (FL1-d, FL2-k)

(g) Explore Indigenous justice issues in contemporary Canadian society.

Treaties and the Law (FL1-a, FL1-g, FL1-h, FL2-g, FL2-i)
From Dream to Reality: The Story of Treaty Land Entitlement (FL2-h)

Predict how issues related to emerging technologies challenge current legal thinking and administration of justice in Canada.

Develop a policy to address a local contemporary legal issue.

Direct Democracy: Plebiscites and Referendums (FL2-c, FL2-k)
The PLEA: Revolution (FL2-b)
Political Protest from Albert Camus' The Plague: The Learning Resource (FL2-m, FL3-i)
Case Study: Bypassing the Saskatoon Public Library from Lesson 6 of Municipalities Matter (FL2-k)
Case Study: Saving Saskatchewan Libraries from Lesson 2.6 of Our Government, Our Election (FL2-k)

(j) Examine the challenges that diverse worldviews present when interpreting and applying laws in an increasingly multicultural society.

Switzerland's Minaret Debate from Lesson 5 of Democracy and the Rule of Law

Evaluate the effects of globalization on the creation and application of laws to Canadians considering factors such as:

  • application of Canadian laws abroad;
  • similarity of Canadian laws to laws in other places;
  • extradition requirements and processes; and,
  • political immunity.

Interview people who work in legal professions to increase understanding of a contemporary legal topic.

Request a Speaker

(m) Assess the role of media in the Canadian justice system.

Lesson 3.3: Publication and Information Sharing from Teaching Youth Justice
Lesson 2.4: Traditional Media from Our Government Our Election
Lesson 2.5: Social Media from Our Government Our Election
Literary Concepts: The Reliable Narrator and Objectivity from Albert Camus' The Plague: The Learning Resource

What is Revolution?