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Design and carry out a detailed exploration of one or more topics of personal interest relevant to Law 30.

(a) Design a multi-perspective investigation related to a topic of study in Law 30 that includes a position statement, a counter position, evidence from multiple sources and a conclusion.

Defend or refute a position based on an analysis of a collection of relevant cases.

(c) Assemble and reflect on a portfolio that demonstrates an understanding of a career choice related to law with information that could include:

  • initial and continuing educational requirements;
  • duties and skills required for this occupation;
  • the work environment, including typical hours worked and locations;
  • current wages received in Saskatchewan;
  • physical, mental and emotional stresses related to this occupation;
  • workplace hazards and safety considerations;
  • other professionals with whom they interact;
  • professional and/or licensing requirements in Canada and Saskatchewan;
  • future trends impacting the occupation;
  • reflection upon personal suitability for a specific law related occupation;
  • employment opportunities with a law degree, other than a traditional law practice; and
  • employment opportunities in the legal profession without a law degree.

Becoming a Lawyer

(d) Share the results of student-directed research through a platform of one’s choosing (e.g., research paper, display, presentation, performance, demonstration, infomercial, video).

(e) Co-construct a tool (e.g., rubric, checklist, self-evaluation form or peer-evaluation form) and use it to assess the process and products involved in their student-directed study.

What is Revolution?